How do I enable Multi-unit Property option in WP Rentals theme in WordPress?

In my WP Rentals theme, I have listed Airbnb-like properties. Some are full apartments, and some are individual rooms within these apartments. If a full apartment is booked, then its associated rooms should be considered booked as well since it’s the same property. Similarly, if a particular room is booked, the parent apartment should become unavailable because one of its rooms is occupied, making it impossible to rent out the entire apartment.

However, in my WP Rental theme, there is no configuration option that ensures when an apartment is booked, its associated rooms show as booked or hidden. Likewise, there is no configuration that makes the whole apartment unavailable or hidden when a single room within it is booked.

I have around 6 apartments and their associated rooms listed on my WordPress website. I am passing crucial time managing my customers due to the unavailability of this feature. How can I solve this?


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