How do I know if my site is sandboxed?

I have a site with 40+ pages or so, up since 2010. (As a hobby)

Problem is, it got hacked back in 2015 (I wasn’t actively posting or checking it) and was being used as a phishing site.

I have since fixed the issue, moved the hosting to a new server, etc.

However my site get’s 0 traffic, while it used to get at least a few hits a week.

I’m planning on doing something with this site, it’s a good domain name, but I want to figure out first if I’m sandboxed / shadowbanned on Google, and how to fix that, so my posts show up in search results.

Anyone have tips on how to check for that?

(I’m using statcounter to check traffic, and hostgator shared plan. I have about 7 sites or so up and running, and some are getting a few hits a day).

  1. Setup Google Search Console and give it a few days and it will eventually tell you if Google has any security issues flagged on your site and you can then inform them it’s fixed… And then in Google time, they will remove it

  2. There are a few ways you can check if the domain is deemed untrustworthy. A quick and easy way is to use Google’s Safe Browsing site status – []( If you are open to sharing a link to your site either in the post or in a direct message, it’ll be easier to suggest other recommendations.


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