1. 1. Zip /wp-content/*
    2. Export the database.
    3. Do the opposite on the new host

  2. Just change the domain name / URL?

    + set up webspace to the new hostheader + set up ssl certificate
    (try to open the readme or the license.txt file in the browser with the new url, for example https://www.example.com/license.txt to verify it’s working)

    + change “home” and “siteurl” entries in wp_options to the new URL, e.g. [https://www.example.com](https://www.example.com) (or set up defines in the wp-config.php)

    Now the backend should be accessible using the new domain

    + use Plugin “Better search replace” to replace everything with the old url (including http or https – the one that you’ve had before) with the new url (starting with https).

    Now content like images or menus should work with the new url.

    Verify that everything is loading from the new url using browser network tool (F12 / developer stuff there). You might need to correct hard-coded links in your theme, if there are any.

  3. First a question:

    1. Are you keeping your current hosting as is?
    2. Ie, are you just pointing a new domain to your existing hosting, or will you have whole new hosting?

    Assumptions are that you can handle the domain aspect of this migration, and you have access to the codebase and database.

    I am going with the assumption that your hosting stays in tact, and you are just using a different domain on that existing hosting:

    The easiest method that I use all the time

    * Export the database to a file `[whatever-the-filename-is]-old.sql`.
    * Open the file in a text editor (notepad even, but I use VS Code), and do a find/replace. You want to search for your old domain ([https://old-domain.com](https://old-domain.com)) and replace with new domain ([https://new-domain.com](https://new-domain.com)).
    * Save this file as `[whatever-the-filename]-new.sql`
    * Import that new file into your database.
    * Go to new url and it should all just work.

    I like this method because you don’t need any plugins or weird changes that impacts your live database directly, and you have a backup to roll back to should you make a mistake.

    If you need to change hosts too, the above works still, but just make sure to upload your files to new host, and update your wp-config.php file with new database details.

    While we’re at it, update your admin passwords, change your admin username, and make sure to update your wordpress core and all plugins / themes!

    Best to just download a new wordpress, delete the wp-content folder and upload that, then upload your existing wp-content folder and wp-config.php file.

    If you need help, or this seems scary for you (I get it), dm me and we can set up time for a zoom call and I can stand by you doing this.


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