How do I migrate my staging site to the live site on cPanel?

Hey Guys,

I apologize if this is long. 🥲

I created a staging site with the WPVivid Plugin and would like to migrate my staging site to my live site. When I try to push the site to live in the Staging & Dev Environmental page, it doesn’t show the option to push the site to live anymore like it did in the beginning.

I have been emailing back and forth with WPVivid support they had me do a lot of different things within the plugin and cPanel. Trying to manually back up both sites with the WPVivid plugin is such a nightmare. They are both backed up, but they took a long time and show the same errors. When I enable de_bug, nothing comes up. However, in the backup logs, it shows the error saying that the timeout occurs every 5 mins. I tried to increase the php execution time to 10 mins and then 15 mins, but they still show the same error. I sent WPVivid the latest backup log to see what they say now. They take forever to respond so I reached out to GoDaddy to see what they would say.

According to Go Daddy, the errors are not an issue and I could migrate the site with those errors. However, they are not willing to help me migrate the site. They want me to buy their wordpress back up which I’m not interested in. I backed up the live and staging sites just fine in cPanel.

WPVivid only emails me at midnight when I’m asleep so going back and forth with them has taken about a week. The last email I got from them was to enable the php zip extension which I did and to follow the steps to migrate the site.

Below are the steps they provided. I did the first two. I have a backup for both sites from WPVivid plugin and from cPanel. I am hung up on the 3rd step since I do not see wpvividbackups under the wp_content.

“1. Download the backup from staging site via cPanel file manager or FTP client to your desktop.

2. Create a full backup for your live site and upolaod it to the cloud storage.

3. Upload the staging backup to the directory /wp-content/wpvividbackups directory of your live site by using FTP client or cPanel file manager.

4. Click on Scan uploaded backups and received backups button to display it in backup list and restore it on your target site.”

Can anyone help me out with this? I feel like I did everything the hard way. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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