How is the wordpress job market for beginners

I am a Comp Sci grad from 2022, my company laid me off in march 2022 ever since i have had a hard time getting a job in frontend .

So i have decided to move on to wordpress, because i know html css and js for the most part and i am learning php and wordpress on the sides.

Is the wordpress market too down bad just as the devlopment landscape

  1. WordPress accounts for 43% of all websites.

    It continues to grow.

    I made an amazing living as a freelance web developer mostly focused on WordPress for 11 years.

    Start learning how to use the new WordPress site editor and how to leverage Gutenberg. This is the future of WordPress, get in now! Many people will need to migrate over to block based themes in the next few years. Get ready!

    I no longer take on freelance clients, focused on creating digital products and writing my [newsletter for freelance developers]) (check it out, it would help you and that site was built using the new WP site editor).

    Feel free to shoot me a message, would be happy to help you get started.


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