How much did you earn from making WordPress blogs for others as a beginner?

I decided today to make money from making WordPress blogs for others.

I don’t have a background in blogging or making websites or even WordPress and this makes me anxious like Should i have expectations like will i be able to earn anything?, Will clients like the blogs i made for them as a beginner? Won’t they choose the experienced ones over me?

I’ve never earned anything in my life, probably why I’m doubting myself.

It will be my first time and I’m not sure what to expect. Anyways any advice for a beginner like me???Oh and also where do you advice me to look for clients? I should market myself by uploading my work in social media .Any advice ??

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  1. $0.00 – domain and hosting costs
    Don’t expect to make anything in the first couple of years

    Have a few other blogs I’ve been raising that generate a few thousand a year in guest posts and advertising.


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