1. 1 million dollars. Better question: how much does a house cost?

    Joke aside this is a loaded question and you might want to learn the art of asking relevant questions so you can answer that when asked. Cause that’s why you are here…

    Where will that house be built? How many rooms does the house need? Will it have s garage? What kind of wiring does the house need? Is the house being built on a steep hill? Or will it be using pre-built home sections that need to be assembled. I think you get the idea…

  2. For a static site, nothing special i start at 5k but depending on the client i will ether go down to 4k or up to 7k. If they’re looking for a retainer, i usually do $500 – $2000 a month depending on what their needs are. Enterprise site like a wocommerce integration i’ll charge at least 20k

  3. 1000% depends on the context. Did the 10k website have more content and features than any other site you’ve built? Was the client demanding it super fast compared to others? Was there an asshole tax? Hosting/environment complexities?

    Most people atleast in my network have a flat rate of 1.5k to 3k per site and increase it based on pages, content and complex features like forms or calendars. They also do photography and videography as part of their services as well to increase the invoice. You make more as a marketing agency than as a wordpress developer. If you hope to just stick to wordpress, it’s beneficial to work with agencies to possibly be their wordpress production team.

    I’ve personally gone more of a freelancing route and stick to plugin/theme customizations and bill $150 per hour as a php/js dev essentially.

  4. $20,000 for a school, and an NFP, about too quote a business $50K this week coming for a full end to end build including a CRM, this will end up as a larg ongoing monthly fee as well with specialised hosting and the like.

    Too many in the community selling themselves short! Start valuing your time

  5. I make static sites for public speakers that range from $2500-$5000, though many of the responses here have me rethinking my rates.

  6. Just started my freelance web design business in the last few months. Currently targeting small businesses like electricians and small construction companies between €600-€1000. I realise this is cheap but slowly increase over time as I gain experience.


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