How much it cost to make a wordpress website?

Hello Everyone, We are starting our business and i need to make 2 websites.

1. A ecommerce website
2. A personal Website – for me

For now we need a basic ecom website i have 6 products.

Personal website should have 5 pages.

How much it would cost?

  1. Someone will offer to do it for $500. But you’ll just get a $500 website, so. It costs the amount that the person with the portfolio that you like is selling their service for, lol.

  2. Hi /u/itsDominic007. I am just starting out and may be willing to do one or both of these websites for free. We’d have to come to some reasonable understandings and ensure each of us is comfortable before proceedings. I’m responding to you in public because DMs are for scammers and I believe in transparency. That said, you are welcome to DM me if you’d like to continue since we probably don’t need all the minute details advertised for all.

    Thank you.


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