How to add a Countdown for the “YOU HAVE BEEN LOCKED OUT” Page?

Hi shadrix,

That would require customizing the lockout page which isn’t officially supported.

That said, read this post for an (unofficial) method for customizing the lockout page. It shouldn’t be too difficult to include an extra (java)script for countdown.

Note: a lockout expires, by default, after 15 minutes. The lockout expiration time is configurable though in the plugin settings.

+++++ To prevent any confusion, I’m not iThemes +++++

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Hi @shadrix,

Currently, there isn’t a way to add a countdown to the lockout page using iThemes Security, but I have logged this as a feature request. However, I am unable to provide you with an exact date for when this feature will be available or if it is possible, as there are certain factors to consider before implementing one.

Meanwhile, you can definitely follow nlpro’s advice on customizing the lockout page using a custom function.

@nlpro @shanedelierrr thank you guys ♥️


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