How to add caption for featured images

I need help with adding caption for featured images. I tried two plugins, featured image caption and fsm custom caption but one is causing the caption to be added with thumbnails in widgets as well and another one is getting inside the featured image in posts. Is there any other plugin i can use?

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  1. This sounds highly theme specific, and it will be hard to help you.

    Are the featured images shown on the single pages for the posts or on the archive pages, too? In the media library, you can set alt text, title, caption, and description for all images including featured images.

    Then, your theme needs to use this information to display it where you want it.

    So, you may need to edit your theme files. I would start by creating a child theme. Then copy your current files to the child theme and edit those.

    You can also add a filter to post_thumbnail_html to automatically add a caption to featured images.

    Both of these solution require editing/writing code, though.

    What theme are you using?


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