How to add ‘Categories’ heading to categories block in sidebar?

I recently started blogging again after years and was experimenting with new themes. However, when I tried to switch back to the old Kubrick theme, I wasn’t able to as it has been retired. After spending some time to find a replacement which had the same simplicity, I selected the Twenty Sixteen theme – []) .

I added blocks for Archive and Categories to my website ([]) but I am not able to figure how to add the title/heading to the 2 blocks. For example, I see the list of categories but not the word Categories at the top of the block like it does in the demo.

How do I add those titles?

I have added a screenshot of my website with the part that I am talking about encircled in red.


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  1. Unless you’re hosting for free with []), why are you using those default themes with no features at all?

    Either way, you’re confused because WP introduced the Block editor for widgets a couple of years ago. You can install the Classic Widgets plugin (it’s in the WP repo) and your widgets area will go back to the same ol’ you used to know.

    If you want to continue using the current block editor for widgets, you specifically need to add a Heading block, assign whatever H tag you want, add your own title and that’s it


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