How to add the Ireland flag to the website with English pages?

the goal is to set the main website in Ireland with the Irish flag selected by default with URLs like these:

Currently the main language is set to English (United Kingdom flag). I am using WP Core version 6.1.1, website is up-to-date and it has Woocommerce

I added a new custom language as the default website version with the Irish flag that will have pages in English, copied from the English (UK) version of the website or the American version

The important thing is the Irish flag needs to have pages in English, not Irish

By setting the custom language for English, Ireland, the website still displays English (UK) as its main language

I have not found language mapping anywhere, how do I tell wpml to copy the pages with the Irish flag from the English (UK) or English (USA) translations ? The tutorial about language mapping is below

How do I add the Irish flag and achieve the above things ?
Let me know soon, thanks
Best regards,

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