How to deal with site improvements tasks for website speed?

I have a content site running on WordPress and hosted on nixihost. I recently ran the pagespeed test and here are the results on mobile and desktop respectively:

* Performance score: 21(mobile)/ 89(desktop)
* First Contentful Paint : 4.1 seconds/1seconds
* Time to Interactive : 15seconds/1seconds

The site suggests the following improvements:

* Reduce unused JavaScript
* Reduce unused CSS
* Enable text compression
* Reduce initial server response time

I do not know how to resolve these. The suggestions mentioned on the site look daunting and complex. I have a few plugins such as rankmath, easyaccordion, monsterinsights, yoast duplicate amongst others. A total of 12 plugins and I know they are slowing down the load speed.

Does anyone know a better way to increase page speed without having to sacrifice on the plugins? I might uninstall a plugin or two, but need some plugins to automate stuff or support the site.

Would wprocket solve the problem to a large extent? I have heard rave reviews about that tool. Thanks in advance for your help.

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