How to display results from a database in WP for free?

Not sure if this is possible. I am trying to build a site where I fill out a form with information for processing. Creating that entry generates a random number. That number is given to a second person. That second person can go to the site to enter that number to check status if “done” or “not done”.

Something similar to a customer checking their order status. The user would enter a tracking number and the result would show the status like pending, complete, etc.

Is this possible to do with WP using free plugins? I think i need a form, a database, and a place to query the database items and return results.


Thanks in advance.

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  1. Create a new custom post type for your information processing entries, and add a custom field(maybe a nice lil drop down with ACF) for the status, and whatever other info you need to enter that doesn’t fit into the content area.

    Then you could write a bit of code to generate a random number for the slug and title of these custom post type entries automatically, when they are created by you in the WordPress dashboard.

    You’ll likely need to create a theme template that displays the custom post type entry’s information on the front end, including the status custom field that you update in the back end.

    Then you can share the random number slug URLs with people, or they can enter them into a search form that searches your site for the custom post type entries.

    This doesn’t seem very secure for the entries if they contain user sensitive information though, and you might want to consider implementing some kind of account based access to those custom post type entries on the front end. Each custom post type entry would only be viewable by the logged in user it is setup for that way.


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