How to find “admin area” or “plugins” ?

I am very new to my WordPress and have only used the mobile app to set it up. I am trying to add a newsletter or email list to it and I read that I have to add a plug-in. I cant find where to add them, though. Everything I read says that it’s in the “admin area” but I can’t find that either? Is that just the dashboard? I’ve clicked through every option available and can’t find plugins anywhere. Can anyone help?

It’s a food blog where I’m cooking a meal from each U.S. state and want to alert people when a new state meal has been uploaded.

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  1. Did you set it up on []( Or did you purchase hosting (Bluehost, Knownhost, etc)?

    Based on the way you word it, I feel like you probably set up your site on (the host) and WordPress (the open-source software from are related, but separate. is a managed WordPress host (for the Business and eCommerce plans) or a slightly feature-limited version of WordPress (for the Premium/Personal/Free plans).

    On, you cannot install plugins on the Premium/Personal/Free plans. You can if you purchase the Business or eCommerce plans. Another advantage is that you get a WordPress-specific support team to help with any problems you run into. But like most managed WordPress hosts, this makes the cost higher than just purchasing hosting space from a webhost and installing WordPress there.


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