How to identify a template that someone used?

Hi there, There’s this artist that I really like and they have a website running on WordPress. I know they used a custom template that was for purchase somewhere and not a custom design studio. I am wondering if through Chrome Developer Mode or similar there would be a way to find out where they got their template from? I played around but with no success. Maybe someone here has any leads. The site is: [](

Thank you!!

  1. Here you go:

    How I found it:

    * Running that site through u/50dollarpretzel ‘s suggestion:
    * Results in this info:
    * Author is named Kate Compton.
    * Description of theme is: *”This is a theme designed to be a placeholder for all of our sites prior to development. It is an interface for the firm or client to use to preview their custom content.”*
    * Searching google with: Kate Compton wordpress theme
    * Results in that themesinfo URL which has Kate Compton mentioned at the bottom of the page and has a description matching the one from wpthemedetector


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