How to learn WordPress from the inside out (technical)?

Hi, I am a web developer who writes code, most WP tutorials are aimed at people who just wanna use it to make websites. I wish to understand its internals and how its actually put together so I have a mental model of the moving parts of WP and can solve problems. Can anyone suggest resources for this besides just reading the source code of WP itself? Esp. useful if there is a course. Thanks.

  1. You don’t really need to know the internals of WP to be good at WordPress – there’s no need in fact. A lot of the foundational stuff that you do need to know is how hooks work (filters, actions), themes, templates/template hierarchy, and how to write your own functionality, typically in the form of a plugin.

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  2. WordPress isn’t like Symfony, where knowing the internals is going to be a huge benefit. But if you want to, you’re going to have to get a decent debugging tool (I recommend Ray, by Spatie), and spend time following stacktraces.

    The upside is that WP code is so simple, you shouldn’t have a problem following those stacktraces to see what’s going on.

  3. One really good way is to build a custom theme from scratch. There are plenty of tutorials on it. This will give you a good foundational knowledge. After that, build a plugin from scratch.


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