How to make 2 separate landing pages one for PC and one for mobile?

Hello! I want to create two separate landing pages one for mobile and one for PC. So if my domain is typed into a browser on a PC, I need it to go to the PC version. If it’s on mobile, I need it to go to the mobile version. Both pages will have different content and I need both under the root domain so not like []( and []( How can I achieve this?

  1. It’s normally automatic with WordPress themes. A lot of them have it built in to resize automatically.

  2. This is extra steps. Best to build a responsive design.

    Some elements work really great in Desktop and not in Mobile, so you may have a mobile or desktop block that get the same point across but behave differently for each device. However, it is best practice to build responsively. Guttenberg is built for this already.

    I haven’t seen very many domains with []( []( in a long time.

    If you need a theme with good responsive controls I suggest kadence. You can set specific elements styles per device to make for really good design.


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