How-to make the admin area mobile friendly

Hi, I mainly create content with my desktop computer but I will go for a 6 month walking trip on Appalachian trail with a backpack. So every grams count… I can’t bring a tablet or portable. I will only have my mobile.


How the hell can I edit content with a mobile? There’s any plugin or tips to help me create content without raging again? I mainly want to be able to create and edit post on a daily frequency.

Thanks you!!!

  1. Personally I couldn’t even imagine trying to write and edit blog posts or use the admin interface on mobile. As a hiker myself I can understand the packing light and your situation though! What I would do is simply write your post in an email and send it to a friend and have them edit it and post it for you. Not very glamorous I know, but it’s an option.

  2. Either you have your friend do it for you, or hire someone to be your VA and have them post your daily adventures.

  3. I think the best way for this is to build a template that work completely on custom fields, that way you can enter your data it the edit page and it will be displayed automatically

  4. Have you tried the official WordPress app?
    I’m not sure what the general ‘reputation’ of the WP app is on here, however it’s pretty decent these days for basic tasks like posting content, checking stats. I think it should cover the stuff you’re looking to achieve.

    [IOS WordPress App](

    [Android WordPress App](

    Hope that helps


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