How to make WordPress easier to use when posting events (like when you post events / news / posts on Facebook Group)


This is the best I could make WordPress. I post events, but I can’t control much else. I’ve used temples where I can’t remove the “posted by” or “posted in uncategorized” (how do I remove that?) or sometimes the pictures don’t show up on the homepage. (how do I make pictures show on the main feed page?)

Basically, what I’m trying to do is have one page (homepage or []( that lists all the posted events/posts and you can scroll down easily. The only reason why there is no “posted by” and “uncategorized here” and the only reason why there’s an image in this page is because I found this ONE template amongst many options, just one temple, that allows me to have this. But ideally, if I can do it myself using a template I want, I would like that solution instead.

So what I’m hoping to do are:

1. Have ONE page (homepage or feedpage .com/events) that lists all the posts.
2. The posts shows the images.
3. Remove the “uncategorized” and “posted by”

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