How to manage effectively 20+ WordPress/WooCommerce websites?


We have over 20 websites on WordPress/WooCommerce.

Everyday, we have new errors : functions.php deleted, fonts problems, speed problems, css problems, broken links…

I want to know how you effectively manage these problems on this amount of websites and especially, how to reduce them because it becomes very hard to manage all of that knowing that we also need to manage marketing, logistics…

We implemented some things but I think it’s still not enough :

\- A tool that crawl 3 pages of each website every 30 minutes and report if there’s a problem by email.
\- A tool that runs everyday to check if speed on PageSpeed < 60.

What things do you usually implement to manage a big amount of websites the right way?

Thanks 🙂

  1. You need to figure out *why* your sites are breaking, as that shouldn’t be happening, obviously.

  2. Fix the sites first. You should not be seeing any such errors. It might be a lot of work now, but will pay off over time.

    Then you can look at a central dashboard like MainWP or find a host that offers a WP management dashboard.

    I manage up to 50 sites solo with no hassle.

  3. I can help out with management, have about 10 years of experience. If interested let’s talk

  4. ManageWP or some dashboard like that will work. Also, why are your sites breaking so often? What hosting are you using? This shouldn’t be happening daily.


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