How to move up the image so it’s flush under the header in Astra?

I’m using Astra and just the block editor to create my site – I’ve managed to figure out everything else and this is just the last bit that I’ve been trying to fix to no end. A bit of background – I’m new to WordPress so CSS is not something I’m strong at but I’m happy to try it.

I’m not using the transparent header and on my pages the page meta title is hidden. Under the meta title I’ve put an image that I want to fit right under the menu so there is no white space in between. When I’ve don’t this, there’s a huge gap.


[The white gap is between the image and the header](


[This is the edit page of my page, my tittle is hidden and then the image is placed under it](

For some reason, nothing I’ve tried has let me do it other than turn my header into a transparent header and adding a spacer on top of the image (if I didn’t add the spacer, the header is half over my image).

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!


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