How to proceed to hand over an existing website to another developer/designer for optimization and possible long-term support?

I have a website that I build 100% myself for one of my own businesses, but I’m having a handful of performance issues with it and no longer the time to maintain the site. Basically I want to retire from maintaining updates, performance and so on and pay someone to do it to free up some time. It’s a blog / ecommerce mix. By the way the site is build with very popular “off the rack” plugins and theme, nothing custom or too obscure.

I’d like to hand over the technical maintenance and I only want to focus on the content, i.e. blog posts, shop products, translations. I’m wondering what would be the best strategy to find a developer or agency to maintain the website and optimize it. From my local search it seems everyone is only focused on building new custom sites from scratch. How would you approach this? Outline a single issue and find a developer for it, or consult an agency/developer/freelancer about long term support for the whole site?

I feel like no one wants to take over an existing site with a theme other than their own, but might be wrong.

Maybe it’s better to hire someone for a single task rather than handing the site over, what do you think?

I also found a small local agency that does offer to analyze existing sites, but their portfolio was pretty awful looking on the other hand.

Thanks in advance. Let me know if my question isn’t clear enough!

  1. Depends on what your budget is. The agency I work for does this, all of the time. A quick Google search for this should yield some results for companies to consider. Hosting is more likely more of a sore spot than the theme and plugins and such. Would say you’re probably better off with an agency than a single dev for this sort of thing.

  2. You would essentially become someone’s client, which means you will be paying for maintenance, and to do it right, hosting will also be needed. The host would/could possibly be able to provide a service contract where updates to the site themes, plugins, and core could be maintained. They may even have some premium security plugins to offer as well which would be a bonus for you. The contract would also include redundant backups. The thing to consider here is the fact that certain plugins are a pain to deal with and will require a lot more attention than others (ahem, woocommerce), which means more cost.

    That said the above takes into consideration the site as is. Performance issues may be attributed to bloated page builders, plugin count and conflicts, the theme itself, database bloat, caching on various levels, etc. This could very well turn into a rebuild depending on the site’s make up. Needless to say there are many variables that include hosting, security, and the build and its components.

    My advice is to continue to shop around until you find a few companies that will work with you after a site assessment. This means you also need to consider the very real possibility of a site rebuild.

    Not to say the site is shit, but keep in mind most people don’t like shining turds.

    Edit: added the word like to last sentence.


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