How to publish my staging site? Full deploy?

Hi all,

Obviously this is a very stupid basic question, but none of what I google on the internet seems to apply directly to my options given on my WordPress site.

I attached a screenshot of the options under my Tools and Settings tool bar.

One forum says to do this:

Go to **Site Tools** \> **WordPress** \> **Staging** \> **Manage Staging Copies**. Click the **Actions** menu and choose a **Full Deploy** or **Custom Deploy** of the staging copy.

But I’m unsure where to find these options? Help!

  1. Another option was to go to Settings -> Hosting Configuration. I don’t see that either.

  2. Whatever you’re reading online would be referring to a specific plugin. There are no staging/migration tools in WP core.

  3. If you don’t use any plugin,…

    1) you go to your staging PHPmyAdmin and export your mySQL database.

    2) Then you preferably go into your local folder (or wherever ever your staging version is located), select everything (all folders and files) and zip-compress it (right click „add to zip“ or similar, depending on your system).

    3) Next you upload that zip file to …/httpdocs/, where you unpack it (preferably in Plesk, not Filezilla).

    4) Then you go into your live server’s PHPmyAdmin, create a new DB, note down all the credentials and import the locally exported database.

    5) after import, in the database you look for a table that ends on „_options“ and set your live domain within the first two rows (there should be set something like „localhost“)

    6) Open wp-config.php on your live server, update the login credentials with the ones you noted earlier and save the file.

    If everything ran smoothly (not in a lifetime lol), you should be able to access your live site via 🙂

  4. Sounds like you’re in

    I’d probably start by going somewhere else. But if you’re gonna stick with them there. Then I recommend just asking their support. I’ve never used it. So unsure of how they intend for you to manage the hosting there.


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