How to redirect from old to new domain?

I want to move to new domain name, what is the best way to move to new domain name. All i see people telling make a new wordpress site with new domain name and transfer the content of old website into the new one and then redirect the old domain to new one.

Is this the only way? Can’t I change old domain name into the new one without making new wordpress website and then somehow redirect it? any help

  1. 1. Point the DNS of the new domain to the IP address of your server.
    2. Update the website domain name in the Settings menu.
    3. Install Better Search Replace plugin and perform a find/replace on the old/new domain.

  2. Firstly ask your hosting service if they can clone your site and point it at your new domain. They may be able to do it in minutes and save you a lot of time.

  3. Well, I will do it this way if I am in your shoes.

    1. Use a backup plugin like All in one WP migration to backup your old site. This way you won’t lose any content, images, etc.

    2. On your new domain setup the ssl, hosting, etc. And install the WordPress.

    3. Restore your old website from the old domain to the new domain using the All in one WP migration plugin.

    4. Test everything works the way they should. E.g URL, broken images, etc. It’s better to check than to be sorry.

    5. Do a permanent redirect from the old domain to new one and you are done. You can use a plugin like 301 redirects or you can also do it htaccess.


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