How to redirect from one parameter to another

It’s not clear what you are trying to do. You can find more details as well as examples here:

i am sorry for confusing writing,

I wants to set Source:

?m=1 to Destination: ?amp=1


like this page:

to be visible on this page:

I have currently set this rule.

Based on your description it would seem like your destination will need to include ?amp=1

here is current ss that i have to redirect parameters link to original post content.

ss link:

cant add ss image directly. Pls help

Yes, you will need to include ?amp in the target – how else is it going to get there?

/$1/ to

/$amp/ or


can you give me the one i should use?


like this?

if i do this will it redirect twice? Or only single time?

Yes. You have to set the target to be what you want the target URL to be.

it worked. But


if i do this will it redirect twice? Or only single time?

Why would it redirect twice? Is that happening?

if a link is 404 not found, it’s stay with that old parameter,

While if a link is okay then it redirect to new parameter.

will it be a problem?

you can check here:

I don’t understand the question. It doesn’t matter if the page exists or not as long as it matches the redirect source. Does that match the source?

i understand your question.

let me give you an example. So i actually moved from blogger/blogspot to wordpress. And

i have lots of page indexed in search engine with ?m=1 which i wants to redirect on Google AMP site. Which is now done tnx to your advice.

while all most all link works. Some Don’t redirect/work.


This work:

but this Don’t: this keep this? m=1 parameter.

hope u understand.

its working now. Sry for The trouble. It was Cache problem.


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