How to remove all privacy sensitive data from staging site?

Hi All,

One of my plugins isn’t behaving the way I would like. The developer of the plugin asked admin access to my staging site to solve the problem in the test environment. It is a respectable name in the business. But just to be sure when they get hacked or something, I want to prevent sensitive customer order data from being exploited.

My question is how do I remove all sensitive customer order data from my staging site?

  • I can of course delete all orders but does that completely remove all traces of customer data?
  • What other things (plugins, information etc) should I remove that can cause harm if they fall into the wrong hands? For example all settings of my mail account?

I have searched the forums and there are several plugins that can reset your website but I do not want it to be reset because all my plugins will also disappear. I only want all sensitive data to be removed so I can safely give admin access.

I hope you can help.

Best, E.


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