How to remove and customise coupons and feature requests


I have tested your plugin, it has some of the features I am looking for, for example, answer explanations for each question, and images in the answer options, and the layout looks very good visually. But I have a few questions and requests:

  1. Is there a way to turn off the coupon? I don’t see a way to turn off or customise the coupon. After I activated the plugin, I only have the following options: Quizzes -> Quizzes or Questions or Email List. There are no settings I could see.
  2. The answers are not randomised, it would be better if the questions and anwers can be randomised.
  3. I see that the user can earn points for correct answers. I made a test quiz and didn’t give the quizzes any scoring system and at the end if the quiz, even if you got 100% correct, the message says “Congratulations. You got 0 points”. This seems silly and I didn’t see a place to o change it. Can the number of points be removed, instead display the result as a fraction, eg “You got 9/10”?
  4. And I would like to request a leaderboard with a list of logged in users and their scores.
  5. In your features description you said you can export a CSV file of the email addresses collected. Can you export and import the questions instead or as well as the emails addresses? If not I’d like to request this too.

Thank you.

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