How to reset WordPress to default settings without reinstalling it?

Basically I want to clean the whole database from current and old plugins and themes without reinstalling WP. There are some deactivated/deleted plugins and themes causing issues that impact my site’s speed and performance.

The reason why I can’t do a hard reset is because my hosting plan has an upload limit and I can’t import all of my images (nearly 400) with all of their captions and alt text at once so I have to upload them manually one by one and plus write the descriptions….way too time consuming. Posts, pages, menus, metadata, etc are all imported just fine.

So what’s the solution here, should I go in cPanel and delete the plugins/themes folders one by one or what? Because the database cleaning plugins I looked into all offer deleting the content (posts+images) but keeping the plugins/themes while I’m trying to do the opposite of that

  1. Sounds like the issue really is with the hosting or at least the package you’re on.
    Possibly, export the content, run a reset plugin, then re-import your content might do the trick but it depends on how everything is currently set up.


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