How to send a file after form submission and have said form automatically appear on new blog posts.

Hello everyone!

I am pretty new to WordPress and am struggling to create an automation with new blog posts in a certain category. I am using elementor pro’s theme builder to create a landing page for new blog posts in a “Reports” category. I know that after creating the theme when I click publish, I have to set it for only posts in the “Reports” category to do this–simple enough, this is not my issue.

My issue is that I would like to make this said report, a PDF, available for download for site visitors who request it. It will be free, but I would like it to only be available to people who enter their email in a form (using elementor forms), then have the PDF or a download link to the PDF sent to the email provided.

So far, I have created a draft of the theme, and on it is a form where visitors can enter their email. I know that under Actions After Submit, you can have an email automatically sent to the email provided using \[field id=”email”\] in the “To” field. My issue is that I cannot figure out how to have either the report PDF or a download link to the PDF sent to their email, as there will be different reports and therefore different PDFs/download links (I assume).

I am also aware that I can negate the whole theme builder process, as under blog posts, I can attach the PDF with a download button, but I am hard set on finding some way to capture emails of people who download. When going this route, I know it’s possible to make the download button conditional, but neither of the options available seems capable of making email capture a requirement (if that makes sense). If I am wrong about this please do let me know.

I have not posted one of these reports yet, as I am waiting for this automation/functionality to be complete before doing so, but this means my ability to test out different things until I come to a solution is limited, so I am coming here for help. My boss is insistent on using *only* elementor forms for any forms on the website, and I do not have the capability of purchasing access to any new plugins, but we do have quite a few already at our disposal, so if anyone has an idea in mind that requires a special outside plugin, it may be viable. But, in the end, my boss is convinced this is possible without any plugins aside from elementor, and I do hope that is true. Any help that can be offered on this matter is very much appreciated! If any more information is needed to help please let me know and I’d be happy to provide it. Thanks in advance!!


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