HTML Content DS – Documentation

I make a lot of use of the Dataset access options in this excellent plugin but I have not found a simple way render data retrieved from the database as HTML. I assumed that this was the intended use of the “HTML Content DS” option but cannot find any documentation about how this works. It would be great if someone could point me to reference material or practical examples of use of the control.

What I want to do is to run a query that extracts text from the database and then renders this text as HTML that appears in the form. I feel this should be easy but have so far failed to find a way to do this. For example, I have database queries that extract information about energy appliances registered by the user. The bold elements in the text below are read from database records populated when a sign-up form is submitted

Based on your current login, your account details are:
Name: Some Name
Email: [email protected]
If the details above are not correct, please logout and login with your username and password.
You use the following fuels
You have the following appliances
Electric Vehicle Charger
Solar PV Panels
If these details have changes please recomplete the the fuel and appliances sign-up form

Any help of advice on this would be welcomed.



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