i am two seconds away from giving up on my minor because of a website

hey everybody. i’m gonna need the wordpress wiz’s on here for help.

two weeks ago my digital marketing professor gave us an assignment related to our final project and it was to create a website for a business of our choice. i chose to do a portfolio website for a friend. i worked on the website for hours just to find out none of the pages in my drafts actually saved. on top of that, there was a glitch that kept me from continuing to work on the website and it would pop up as i would try to go back and look at my drafts. it was the download wordpress page, and it would keep popping up no matter if i had already downloaded it.

ANYWAY, fast forward to me redoing the entire website in the same night and getting maybe 2-3 pages done, and copying all the blocks just in case. and just as i expected it all got deleted again!! and the glitch happened again. i tried going back to the host site to see if i could access it from there and i would either be faced with the download wordpress page again or just a blank website with nothing on it.

i decided to give it a rest for that night. the next day i redid everything for a THIRD TIME, copying all my URL’s for proof, and screenshotting some of the glitches and like one of my pages and the same thing happened. at this point my assignment is late even after asking for an extension and i emailed my professor EVERYTHING. he gave me a 10/25…. like thanks but also fuck you!!!

a week passes and i just don’t even try to touch it because of how mad i get every time. come to this week, we have an assignment that relates to the website we were supposed to create two weeks ago. so i try to redo it again. last night i was working on it, and the same thing happened. the glitch. so i emailed my professor and was like dawg look idk what you want me to do, can i use a different application to make the website bc this shit is still not working!!! (i also sent screenshots of the drafts i had saved) he responded by saying none of my pages are published so i should do that and see if it works. like thanks? asshole???

so today i redid the entire site. the pages i worked on last night surprisingly saved, even though last night the glitch happened, and i published those immediately. i created more pages and published those as well. i’m sure you could guess what happened next. THE FUCKING GLITCH. so now i have no idea if anything saved/is still published. i honestly don’t know what to do anymore because it’s not like i’m making a shitty website either, i’m quite literally putting everything i have into this shit. i just don’t understand how my prof doesn’t see that. the assignment is due tonight and this shit is just gonna continue to bring my grade down because wordpress is being SO FRUSTRATING.

please help me i’ve put way too much time and effort into something that should’ve taken 3 hours max.

  1. I’ve personally never experienced this but maybe your host is reverting the site every day automatically? Or maybe there is a hacked file in your ftp directory that is doing this? Either way I suggest getting a new host(try cloudways, it’s pay by the hour so you can test on it and see if it works) and freshly installing WordPress on it instead.

    Also are you using a theme/plugin as a builder or are you using WordPress Gutenberg to build out the site? There is a chance maybe whatever theme or plugin you are using is broken and causing this? But seems unlikely.

  2. What are you using as a page builder. This sounds like something with divi and other page builders where you have to both save and then publish the page. Saving doesn’t do anything, it just saves it as you continue to work on it.

    You actually need to hit publish or save draft on the bottom right to actually save it.

  3. A bit difficult to assess what is going on or even wrong, without showing anything to go by?

    So no idea even what you mean with “the glitch” as you don’t state nor show what you were trying to do?


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