I automate your WordPress publishing workflow, looking for partnerships

I have an API that extracts content from docx and odt documents and publish them as HTML, WordPress being of of the options. I’m looking for partnerships, I automate the publishing part of your workflow. This applies to textual posts (possibly with images and other elements, see below).

As an example, the website of my program EasyMapper has articles grouped in sections that were all generated automatically, one document per section (see [https://easymapper.com.br/](https://easymapper.com.br/), the second menu bar). The same content was published to a demo blog: [https://easymapper.com.br/wordpress](https://easymapper.com.br/wordpress) (just a demo, not ideal – design is not my strongest skill…)

Once automated, other options emerge. For example, a page summary can be generated from headings. The document can have custom elements that are processed before publishing. For example, instead of inserting images of cards, you can use codes (like Ac Ad Kd) and the codes are replaced by images. I’ve done this for a poker content, is much simpler!

Another possibility is to generate an e-book of the content, maybe partial, to serve as a lead magnet.

For more information, please contact me using the e-mail at the bottom of the website above.


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