I get a lot of compliments about how good my site looks, and it’s just a basic WP site

No, this is not a rant. The thing is, I consider myself dreadful at creating good-looking sites, but many who visit my site are constantly pulling up Wappalyzer or saying like;

How did you make that site?

I like your site, I want to have one like that.

Is that Tailwind?

This is some top-tier design work.


It has increased my confidence a bit and has shown me that you don’t need to pay $30/month for some fancy site builder.

Bear in mind people equate free with subpar quality and expensive as gold quality so some see WordPress as a peasant’s CMS. I pay $0 for it and $0 for plugins and still manage to get something decent. Not bad.

That’s what I wanted to share, WordPress friends, keep building!


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