I have 2 public_html folders in cpanel. How do I know which one is being used for my live website?

I have 2 public\_html folders with a lot of duplicate files (but not exactly the same content) basically all the images I uploaded using wordpress

1. Directoryname > homedir > public\_html
2. Public\_html

I recently switched to a different hosting plan (but with the same provider). They migrated my site I believe.

Is there a way of finding out which public\_html uploads is being used for my actual live website?


  1. Just add a file e.g. file1.html into one directory and try and access it.

    Add file2.html in the other and do the same

  2. Well.. I suppose you could create 2 simple HTML files that output different text so you know which one is actually served when you go to the website using mysite(dot)com/testfile.htm or whatever.

    Or, put 2 different .jpg files in the public_html directories and see which one loads.

  3. Thank you everyone. It’s taking up a lot of disk usage having 2 public_html with many duplicate files. I will follow your suggestions.

    Is it possible that when my website was migrated to the new hosting plan, they duplicated the public_html?


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