i need paid support , need some customizations urgent basis

on this page i want i want to make it like this https://raisethon.com/amudim first i will select the donation amount and after clicking donate now popup will open by showing checkout details

2)on initial form where i am selecting the amount i want to tell the purpose of the donation

Small donation – $36 lets say if iam selecting 36 dollar then this text will show up there somewhere
A tank of gas – $72
Sponsor a lift assist – $100 Sponsor a lift assist these messages i want to show somewhere as above i decribed
Sponsor a transport – $180
Sponsor a NYC transport – $360
Sponsor a day’s transports – $500
Sponsor a month’s insurance – $720
Sponsor a month’s Gasoline – $1,000
Sponsor a month vehicle expenses – $1,800
Sponsor a month’s transports – $5,000
Sponsor a new fully equipped ambulate – $100,000 ( unable to show this amount)
Other Amount

3) Donor details should be using Google Address API, so it can autofill

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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