I need to copy my website “A” to use as a template for my new website “B”, but I do NOT want to move/migrate/alter website A. Is the Duplicator plugin the right tool to use for simply copying/cloning my website “A”’s customized theme/settings/etc?

l’m helping a family member who has an existing website for one of their businesses, and they want a second website for a separate business they own. They’d like the new website to have the same exact layout/theme as their first one. So far I’ve secured the domain and hosting package for the second/new site. (If it matters: the new site’s host company is not the same as the one their first website is hosted on.)
I was looking for the easiest/best way to simply copy or clone the first website to use as a template for the new one, so I can then go in and change the NAP, info, page titles, pictures etc.
I read that the free version of the Duplicator plugin can easily handle this job. So I started this process and it generated the ‘package’ and import files, but I paused at Step 1 part of the ‘Deployment’ phase because of the wording… it keeps referring to the process as ‘Migrating’ rather than cloning. It also has fields where it lists the original site’s URL, etc as if it will actually lift the first site’s theme/content and move it to the new site. Is this what will happen if I continue this process? I certainly don’t want to move/delete/mess with their original website in any way.

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