I need your help WordPress Experts!

First of all sorry for my bad english and spelling, i hope my problem can be clearly explained.

I want to make a trivia game like buzz, or Quiz Time, for an audience. I can’t do it with normal online services like kahoot as i will not have a wifi conection in the location the event takes place.

So my idea is to make this game like a web based one, but use a laptop to setup a local network for the participants to conect snd interact with the game. My question is, is this posible to do with WordPress? Can i show results introduce user names via mobile phonen etc? Just like Kahoot i would say.. i want that the attendants can interact directly with the questions within a certain time and show the results in my laptop ( conected to a projector) …

Maybe I’m not making myself clear or this is not possible with WordPress and i need another program, but I don’t know how to begin, as I’ve searched quizz like plugins and all are based to do them individually, and theres no interaction with different users etc…

To make a hotspot is another story i have to setup up with other programs i know.. but I’m really lost here!

Thanks for your help if posible!


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