I think I need a better format for a list of posts?

What I’m trying to do is show a list of upcoming events, which you can see in the middle column at [uuse.org](http://uuse.org) Today we treat it as a page that one of our secretaries updates by hand once in a while, which means it’s often out of date.

I had the thought of making it a list of one line posts to a particular category, each with an expiration date (PublishPress Future plugin) and in a sorted order. And that works. The list stays fresh with a minimum of work. The only problem is the theme we’re using the css for posts includes 10px padding and a 1px top border, which takes a lot of screen real estate if there are a dozen upcoming events.

Two questions –
1) Is there a better way to handle displaying a list of upcoming events, some of which might be pinned, some which can expire, in the sorted order of my choosing?
2) Will I have to make a child theme if I want show this particular list of posts with no border and smaller padding on each, but leave the other list of posts displays as they are?


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