I’m looking for someone to custom code for my wordpress site

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for some time now to find a plugin for wordpress that will combine my company reviews from three different sources into a nice grid. I have found there to be no other way than to custom write such an app. Now I cannot write such an app, I have too little skill in back-end developping.

I will write te details here, contact me if you think you can help me with this. (Does not have to be for free)

For my company, we get reviews from Facebook, Feedback Company and Google. I want to show the reviews from all three sources in one grid on my website. I have an API for Feedback Company and I believe the other two to be open for use.

I would like the app to retrieve all reviews from all three sources and display them chronologically. I would like to be able to use the app to show a certain amount of posts on the front page, and more posts with a load more option on a review page. Maybe also a different amount of posts to load depending on screensize.

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