I’m re-designing a huge website (10k+ pages, over 600 internal links etc), and I need help

I’m a UX-designer, and I’ve found myself in the deep end doing client-work and I’m currently re-designing a big website, which hasn’t seen any updating in plugins in some years. Apart from outdated plugins, they use old CSS and the task seems very unmanagable – because of the enormous amount of data, and I’m afraid to implement the change I’ve made in Figma to the website because of the potential risk of data-corruption and loss. The site has existed since 2009 and has accumulated a good domain authority and the brand is somewhat known in my country.

They use the WordPress default builder. They have Elementor installed, but doesn’t use it. I want to use either that or Divi.

So my question: What would you do in my situation? Make a new page in Elementor or Divi, no-index it and start building from there? Try to clean up the current WordPress, update and/or uninstall old and outdated (and possibly non-used) plugins? Something else?

I’m not at all a WordPress-expert, I almost only work on design, and not the implementation part, so if i sound like an idiot, bare with me.


I hope this question is answer-able, and thank you in advance.

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  1. I would create a sandbox environment. I’m mostly a designer too, but having a bit of knowledge of programming languages helped me a lot in projects i worked on. To be honest, i dont think making these changes is your responsibility, but that’s it.


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