I’m redesigning a website that is in Webflow to WP, and they’re using a plugin that makes the booking process AWFUL for UX and CRO.

* **Client type:** Indoor playground for kids
* **Current tech:** Webflow (+ ecommerce) + Aluvii, which they say they have to keep or that there is no workaround it because it’s their POS / booking in-store.
* **Their concern about the Aluvvi part is that it manages ALL their bookings – IRL and online.**
* **I feel like there could or should be a way with WP to either somehow use Aluvii without making it look like dog ish. (lol) Or I feel like we could use a processor like stripe and then somehow integrate their in-store bookings into one calendar management system that they combine from the website booking process.**

Anyone have any suggestions for me? The conversion rates won’t happen if they don’t fix all this POS aluvii system is set up.

PLEASE help. <3


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