image block missing large image size as choice

We have thumbnails (150×150), medium(300×300) and large (1024×1024) as options at wp-admin/options-media.php but no medium large loaded there which is kind of a sweet spot we want to use use. For a Gutenberg image block I can only choose medium and full and not large.

Defaults should however normally be

'thumbnail_size_w' => 150,
'thumbnail_size_h' => 150,
'medium_size_w' => 300,
'medium_size_h' => 300,
'medium_large_size_w' => 768,
'medium_large_size_h' => 0,
'large_size_w' => 1024,
'large_size_h' => 1024,

and since 5.3

function _wp_add_additional_image_sizes() { // 2x medium_large size.
add_image_size( '1536x1536', 1536, 1536 ); // 2x large size. 
add_image_size( '2048x2048', 2048, 2048 );}


Why does image block not offer large? Why is medium large not loaded in general at wp-admin/options-media.php?


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