Image not appearing in polls

Hi @stephunique!

Thank you for coming and ask for help.

The main image above the polls is the featured image of the poll post. Maybe you have not added on there yet?

Regarding images added in the options, we will do a test tomorrow to see if we can replicate the issue.

Sometimes, plugins to optimize images may cause issues. If you use any, please try to disable it and select the images on the poll again, save and check if this time works.

Since every site has a different environment, plugins and hosting, it’s not easy to determine the issue for us.

Feel free to visit our site and send a message to helping you better there 🙏

once we get the solution, we’ll reply back here to close this ticket.

Thank you 🙌


Thank you for replying to my question. I know about the featured image for the post, I am not talking about that. I meant when I add a media to the poll itself.. It seems to be some sort of bug – when I click on the add media button and select an image, the first time nothing happens. I have to do it a second time for the picture to appear. So, I guess the issue is solved now.

By the way, can we center the poll title? Right now, we can center and format the poll text and media but not the title since the title is in a separate text box.

Thank you


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