Images are not displaying on our WordPress website (Please Help!)

We have an Uncode theme and we think the theme has an issue with loading images but we aren’t programmers. Here is a link to a page with no images displaying: [](

We’ve had this issue for two months and any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Can you be more specific? What images are you expecting to see there? I see author avatar images, so it’s not as if there are ZERO images on the page. And if I click on the blog posts, I see an image (though strangely the same image in every post, was this intentional?) And I see an image here:

    What other images should we be seeing?

    Taking a guess, I’m assuming that you want a thumbnail image for each blog post? like this?


    Have you set a featured image for your posts?


  2. There’s a whole load of 404 errors in the console for your images. That would suggest they either don’t exist, or there’s some sort of permissions issue on your uploads directory. Contact whoever manages your website/server. This should be an easy fix for them.


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