Images online always in jpg

Hi @renaisonp,

Thank you for your message.

How do you check if images are displayed in the WebP format?

Below I have attached the instructions:

Best, Mateusz

No it works, you don’t have to be connected, otherwise the images are always in jpg with the right click

@renaisonp I ran a test on your website. I simulated browsers with and without WebP support to make sure everything was working. Thanks to this, I can check how much your original images weigh (i.e. what was before installing our plugin) and how much the images converted by our plugin weigh.

Here are the results of my tests:

This means that the plugin is working properly and all images are displayed in the version converted by the plugin.

Only part of the images are not available in WebP format, because after converting to WebP, these images were not smaller than the original ones. The solution to this is to use the AVIF format. Images converted to AVIF have 40-50% less weight compared to images converted to WebP. For your website, images in AVIF format will weigh around 0.5 MB compared to 1.1 MB for WebP files.


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