In-post content drop down option

Hello, I am looking for a plugin that allows me to have a drop down option in my blog posts.

For more detail, I travel a fair bit and wanted to start writing about it. Imagine posts like “what to do in x” or “1 week itinerary for x”. I want to write those posts but with more detail, so every listed activity has multiple pictures, a bit of a longer description, that kind of thing. The issue here is that the post ends up being extremely long and not fun to scroll through.

I am looking for a plugin that allows me to have a drop down in my post that contains maybe one image and the title and a short description (just a title and image would be fine too). The hope is that this could be expanded to show more information. I do a lot of hiking so I want room to quickly detail a few different pictures and notes about the hike.

Hopefully that description makes sense, I wasn’t too sure how to describe it myself. Let me know if anything comes to mind or there are any questions. Thank in advance!


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