Instagram Missing |

Hi @dope386,

Sorry, I know this happens sometimes… Unfortunately, it’s not because of Social Engine, otherwise I would fix it, and that would be easier!

Two of my users (customers actually) had the same issue last week, and they both re-created an Facebook App, and slowly re-did the whole process. Very important, the token should be generated at the end, after you set all the permissions below it. The token always changes when the permissions change.

And of course, everything needs to be connected, your Instagram to be set to “Business” (and not “Creator”, that doesn’t work – I am missing the logic here haha).

Just take it extremely slow, step by step, even though I feel like you did that. It’s easier to restart from scratch than trying to find what’s wrong (but try to check that token thingy again, it might be just that).


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