Is it Easy To Make An Existing Site A WordPress Site?

Hey I’m new to WordPress and I have a friend who wants to hire me to convert his existing html, css, js site to a WordPress site without changing the current look of his site at all.


A little background I’m pretty new to web development (coding for about a year and a half) and have solely done projects where I code everything from scratch and use the MERN text stack. I have been looking into using WordPress for a while but never built something out using it.


Now I have a friend with and existing site that wants me to convert his site to WordPress so in the future he can change text and make other minor changes without needing to hire a dev. He wants his site to look exactly the same but be a WordPress site. I did some searching but it seems like most of the info out there is about taking an existing sites content and putting it into an existing WordPress theme.


Is converting a site while keep the old aesthetic something that will be hard to implement? Can I just copy and paste all the old code to their “add custom code” section?


Any advice and links are much appreciated and thanks in advance for the help.

  1. 1. Yes.. it’s very much possible to make an existing design in WordPress. (Done that for about 5-6 clients in past 2 months itself)

    2. Copy pasting the code from html won’t give you the desired result. There will be complications in design.

    3. Try using elementor or divi to make the design. Just in case, If you want help creating the design pages on WordPress for cheap, you can always contact me 😁.


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