Is it possible and advisable to build a website like on WordPress if I plan on scaling and adding new features over time?

Non native English speaker here.

I am trying to create a website very similar to

My question is:

1. Is it possible to build an exact clone of Heypeers on WordPress? (I am not making an exaxt clone, just saying)

2. If I build a heypeers clone on WordPress, will I be able to keep on customizing it and adding new features over time (just like how Heypeers is doing like other websites) as my website’s members grow? Or is there a point where in order to retain members and maintain my business, I will need to move to some other platform for further customization and adding more new features?

3. Is WordPress the best framework/platform to build a Heypeers clone? Or is there some other platform/cms/framework that is better?

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